Hate’s a strong word but when you consider that many (including me) voted last Thursday to ‘Keep the Tories out’ there must be something wrong.

It’s also quite amazing to hear from the Labour party that yesterday alone they officially gained 4211 new members (Ten Thousand overall since Friday)

Some of these people would have been like me, and had voted tactically, others will be liberally minded people who felt that a vote for the Liberal Democrats would be a vote for a change away from the Tories and Labour.

During the election campaign we saw a number of Tory election posters vandalised (like the image above) and groups on social networking sites appear with the sole intention to share a hate for the Conservatives.

But this still doesn’t explain why so many truly hate the Tories.

One reason was highlighted in Friday’s edition of the Daily Mail, when it was suggested that Conservative candidate David Gold wasn’t elected in Eltham because: “The ‘traditional mindsets’ of voters in the largely working- class London constituency made it ‘not the greatest place to pick an openly gay candidate.”

Granted this is a line printed in a traditionally right wing paper, but as someone who had the choice of voting for David Gold, I can tell you that if Scarlett Johansson had stood for the Tory party, I still wouldn’t have voted for them. (No matter how beautiful Scarlett may be).

The point for this example is the suggestion that the ‘working class’ have ‘traditional mindsets’ i.e. are homophobic.

I might not be working class, but I know an awful lot of people who are, and the ‘traditional mindset’ isn’t homophobic.

But this suggestion is a great example of why there is contempt towards the Tories, it’s this idea of ‘we know how to represent you people’ and collectively we turn around and say, ‘you people???’

There’s always been a firm belief amongst people like myself (and other liberals, call us bigoted against the right) that the Tories look out for themselves, make the rich richer, the poor poorer and generally believe a) they deserve more than everyone else and b) second class citizens exist in those on benefits, ethnic minorities, women and homosexuals. (If you disagree, tell me how many of these backgrounds are represented in the cabinet)

I admit, my passion against the Tories is pretty fierce and I’ve only used one example to illustrate my point, however I welcome anyone who disagrees with my opinions to comment.

Hopefully I’ll be proven wrong, and the coalition will be a phenomenal success.

However, with both our new Prime Minister and Deputy PM talking relentlessly about change, I’m reminded of an old quote from Theodore Roosevelt which says: “A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward.”