NOSH Detox Delivery, who provides snacks, freshly prepared homemade meals, gluten and dairy free meals have launched their new Five-Day Juice Fast.
The program consists of; four smoothies (two litres) of freshly prepared homemade juices, which are delivered to you every day, along with a welcome pack to accompany your first order.
Included in the juices are:

‘The Rehydrator’ – for breakfast
A tropical fruit juice packed full of antioxidants. It’s a combination of pineapple, mango and banana.

 ‘The Eliminator’ – to be drunk at elevenses
A berry-filled juice that contains a vitamin burst to energise and get the metabolism going.

‘The Healer’ – drink in the afternoon
A blend of pure superfoods to help cleanse, detox and re-energise for the afternoon.

 ‘The Rejuvenator’ – drink for supper
A cleansing smoothie designed to operate on every levels of your system.

During your detox a NOSH representative is available should you have any questions. They will also help you adjust back to normal life post detox, by providing you with some suggested menu options.
Here’s how I got on with my three-day trial of the NOSH Detox fast.

Before starting my detox I was sent a questionnaire to fill out. Initially I decided I wanted to try the vegetable juice, but I was told that I needed to have a mixture of both fruit & vegetable.
My juices were delivered in the evening the night before, in order for me to start the detox in the morning. Included along with my delivery was a juice fast daily schedule that I had to follow. Now this is where I hit a little hiccup because, I was due to have some fresh ginger with a slice of lemon followed by some Caster Oil. Normally they provide you with any extra ingredients needed in a Nosh Detox Box; unfortunately mine wasn’t delivered with my order and I don’t know why. So I never really felt like I started the detox properly.
I continued on the detox for the three days and I have to admit that I didn’t have a problem following it.

When I completed my detox I didn’t receive any after care nor was I offered any advice on adjusting back to a normal eating routine. And despite what they said I was not contacted by any representative during my detox. It was only after I raised my concerns with them that they tried to rectify the situation, by offering to send me the vegetable juices that I had originally asked for.
I declined their offer as I would have to pay extra for them, although they did offer me a 10% discount.
I personally didn’t find them helpful and I have to admit that I was disappointed with my Nosh Detox experience.

The NOSH 5 Day Juice Fast is priced at £210. The Nosh Total Detox (Juice Fast & Detox Box) is £255. For further information on NOSH Detox Delivery, please visit
Telephone 0845 257 6674 Email NOSH on