Everyone likes parties and parties with a purpose are best of all. Dom Jackman and Rob Symington provided just that on Wednesday night by packing funky Brazilian venue Guanabara to the rafters for the launch of their company Escape the City.

Not only did they lay on Swing Hop Band ‘The Correspondents’ and DJs Feature V and Wynn Diesel, but they preceeded the funky beats with talks that were inspiring and informing.

Escape the City provides a platform that ‘helps like-minded people find meaningful and fulfilling work outside of the corporate mainstream’.  If you are sick of playing bitch to an investment bank or a corporate law firm, then Escape the City is a possible next port of call.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that there are alternatives to the City, so I don’t think that Dom and Rob have entirely re-invented the wheel, but they are providing a platform for the grouping of opportunities under one banner, all of which encourage and enjoy the spirit of adventure.

The speakers were excellent. Alastair Humphreys talked to us about the four years he spent cycling 46,000 miles round the world, his trips across India and his esoteric but hilarious adventures in the UK, such as his hike round the M25: Ben Keene regaled us with tales of tropical paradise and tribal experiences: We also heard from Tom Pakenham, the founder of GreenTomatoCars, and Venetia Thompson, a journalist with the Spectator.

Best wishes to Dom and Rob going forward with Escape the City. They have launched with verve and panache, so lets hope they can maintain momentum as they try to cut the mustard as a company.

Lastly, thanks to Rosie Willoughby for buying me a drink. However, I no longer owe you one because a dedication in the press counts as repayment, so we are now level and quits!