Blue Foundation is a project Tobias originally started up with his brother. With the help of friends Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjaerg (vocalist for “Eyes on Fire”) and Tatsuki Oshima for the first album, Tobias has found inspiration in enlisting assistance from various favorite musicians in his additional two records. The underground song, “Eyes on Fire,” was an unlikely overnight success and has, to date, garnered nearly nine million hits on their MySpace page.

Tobias gave me some intimate information about the origination of “Eyes on Fire,” revealing that it was not written for the soundtrack, rather has more humble beginnings:

It really seems like the song was written for the movie, but it had not. It was written a year before in a cold, dark December night in Copenhagen in a very old and trashy house where I used to have my studio by Kirstine and me. I think the music and lyrics speak for itself, but I can tell you, I did the music in the hardest period in my life, struggling with relationship and suicidal thoughts. It was all about stand up against your demons and fight back, be strong. I think that’s the beauty about this song. It’s about anger and strength to fight back. Be strong and be able to continue to walk through the “desert”.

Tell me about the band members of Blue Foundation:
Blue Foundation is basically me and the people I like to work with. It has been a couple of people over the years just to name: Tatsuki Oshima, a London based Japanese sound artist/DJ. My work with Tatsuki goes way back we have done stuff with artist like DJ Krush, Opiate who has produced some of the stuff on Bjork’s ‘Vespertine,’ and then of course Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjaerg, Copenhagen-based vocalist/songwriter (the lead vocalist on “Eyes on Fire”), Bo Rande Copenhagen based trumpet/keyboard play, MC Jabber Berlin based MC and many more. These days I have done some stuff with Jonas Bjerre from the band Mew, Sara Savery from People Press Play and Ghost Society. (Note to readers: While Blue Foundation is Tobi’s project with various artists, Ghost Society is his actual band.)

How did your band collaboration begin?
In some way it was pure coincidence on the other hand we like the same music. I don’t know. It’s all about meeting people that are inspiring for me. Blue Foundation is not a normal band. I feel more like a movie director and sometimes I play the leading role myself. I will do much more leading acting on the next Blue Foundation record.

How was your band chosen to be on the Twilight soundtrack?
The reason for why the song was chosen to be on the Twilight soundtrack was (because of) my partners from Zync Music who played the music for Catherine Hardwicke; she really fell in love with the song “Eyes on Fire”. She chose the song because of the way it sounds and Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjaeg’s lyrics.

Has your popularity increased since being affiliated with the Twilight name?
Yes! Very much. I love it. More people listen to my music now. They discover what Blue Foundation really is about – the soundtrack of your life!

Has it been a benefit or a curse?
Of course more people now about my music because of Twilight so that’s good. I didn’t do the movie- I just wrote this song with Kirstine, and it ended up in a blockbuster (film). It’s that simple. I will continue doing what I do. Compose music and write song because I have to. That’s what I do…

Is there any possibility you’ll have a song on the New Moon soundtrack?
NO one in the whole world knows! And I mean NO ONE KNOWS!

Describe the feel you try to portray with your music:
I just do the music for myself. I never think about other people. I do it for myself and only for myself. I never think what other people will think about my music when I do it. It’s all about my inner struggle. I’m quite sure that music mirror other people’s sadness just like “Eyes” does.

What is the next big project we can look forward to?
A new Blue Foundation record. I’m writing songs for it. Blue Foundation will also release two new songs very, very soon and on one of them can you hear Mark Kozelek’s (Sun Kil Moon, Red House Painter) voice next to my and Kirstine’s vocal.