Joining the ranks of social networkers, Summit officially released their official Twilight Twitter account and wasted no time getting started.

Not surprisingly, @Twilight has garnered over 30,000 in a single day and is keeping fans on edge, with a twitpic from New Moon director Chris Weitz at the sound mixing stage, and an exclusive New Moon twitpic of Edward looming in the background as Bella and Jacob share a moment.

Other gems released by @Twilight:

  • The final run time of the Twilight Saga: New Moon is 2 hours and 10 minutes!
  • Next week, look out for the first official scene on Entertainment Tonight & iTunes!
  • Twilight Tracker App has been updated! Regular updates continue on the News Feed for all Twilighters on the go! Get it at iTunes App store!


@Twilight is also following all the official cast members, making it even easier for fans to make sure they don’t miss anything from their favorite Twilight Saga actors.


David Slade, director of Eclipse, is smack dab in the middle of shooting, and posts beautiful nature shots on his Twitter account, @DAVID_A_SLADE.


Answering fan questions about his choice of camera to capture the shots, Slade tweeted:


  • Answering much asked photo question: I use a few camera formats, I rely on my Nikkor lenses, acquired over the years mostly from the 1960s
  • I started shooting these pics with a D80 and now use a D700. I also Use an analogue film camera, a Nikon F3, all with Nikkor lenses.


Slade also gives fans some insight into filming and actors:

  • Full night shoot weekends, so I am still getting my mind clear for daylight. We shot a lot with Xavier Samuels who is a joy to direct.


If you’re not already following @Twilight and @DAVID_A_SLADE, now’s a great time to begin. While you’re at it, be sure to follow yours truly for all the best in Twilight updates- @TwiMoonlight.