James Bond’s arch enemy, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, may be resurrected, yet again, says the Guardian UK. Michael Sheen, of Frost/Nixon, The Queen, and most recently having finished filming the role of Aro in New Moon, is said to be negotiating the nemesis of the debonair, everlasting Bond 007.

The character best known for his trademark companion white cat, Blofeld has been portrayed over the years by several actors including:

  • Donald Pleasance (“You Only Live Twice”)
  • Telly Savalas (“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”)
  • Charles Gray (“Diamonds Are Forever”)
  • Max von Sydow (“Never Say Never Again”)

Mike Myers has taken the character of Blofeld to a whole new level with “Dr. Evil” of the Austin Powers series with a scarred face and bald head.

Sheen is said to be a fan of the Bond series, and his working relationship with writer Peter Morgan is a definite notch on his side. The next, as-yet-untitled Bond flick will be the 23rd in the long-running series, which will star previous Bond man Daniel Craig.