The news is abuzz with Jackson Rathbone’s Eclipse laced interview with MTV, specifically regarding the filming of his civil war transformation scenes.

A portion of the interview reads:

MTV: Jackson, what are you most looking forward to shooting in the next film?

Jackson Rathbone: I’m really excited to start filming “Eclipse.” I got a chance to read the script, and we get to go back into Jasper’s back story. They actually had to ask me about my equestrian experience. I told them I can gallop and trot and all that. I used to ride. It’s been two or three years since I’ve been on a horse, but I’m excited to get back up on the saddle.

MTV: So we’re going to get to Jasper’s Civil War back story?

Rathbone: Yes, I get to shoot some Civil War stuff, and I’m also going to shoot a lot of fighting scenes. Which is great, because I just came off [M. Night Shyamalan's] “The Last Airbender,” and I’ve been doing fighting for the last six months. So I’m ready to keep it on.

MTV: Are there training scenes in “Eclipse” along these lines?

Rathbone: It’s interesting; there’s a lot of cool scenes where Jasper trains the Cullen family on how to fight the newborns. He gets to train Emmett — and Emmett is a born fighter — so he’s telling Emmett all these techniques, and Emmett thinks he could just best Jasper [during their sparring]. Jasper ends up getting the best of him, because it’s a war mentality, not just a street brawl. It’s about thinking ahead; it’s a chess game.

MTV: Cool. Will we see the scene where Jasper gets bitten?

Rathbone: Oh yeah, we have to see that. It’s going to be great. I’ve been studying up a lot on the Civil War and that era. It really was a crazy time. It was all-out war on our own turf and between countrymen. That’s terrible. It’s an interesting time to see when Jasper was actually human and what his human form was and, when he gets turned, how intense and how dark he is. Then [we'll see] his realization of what he’s become, him finding Alice and being redeemed by love.

Although a small part of Eclipse requires the know-how of Jasper to help the others learn to fight against Victoria, Riley and the newborns, it certainly is not a prominent part of the overall plot.

The fan, then, can glean one of two theories from this interview:

Melissa Rosenberg and David Slade are introducing more flagrant pieces of the novel in order to appeal to a broader audience and turn the road away a bit from the sticky, culminating, ever-apparent love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob.

Jackson is simply talking about his piece of the puzzle, which may, in fact, be a rather small part of the big picture. Because Twilighters are rabid for any new snippets of information, especially when spoken by one of the larger players, the news spreads like wildfire.

Though the second film, New Moon, hasn’t come to fruition yet, the care Melissa Rosenberg has taken thus far to ensure Twilighters won’t be disappointed has been nothing short of impressive.

So, while it’s easy to pick apart small snippets of information- anything from how distracting Jackson’s role will be in Eclipse, to the abrupt recasting of Victoria, to how bad Kristen Stewart’s wig looks to some- it’s important to remember to sit back, take a deep breath, and let the franchise run its course. No one wants to upset the allegorical apple cart upon which was built by Twihards.

What’s your theory- do you find one of these two most applicable, or do you have another theory about the Jacksper’s role in Eclipse?