Radar Online correspondent Laura was visiting her alma mater, NYU on Thursday and had the fantastic opportunity to stand on set and watch Rob Pattinson work on Remember Me. She shared with readers her story:

So, I used to go to NYU and nearly died when I saw the footage of Rob shooting outside the building I worked at on campus. Unfortunately there was rain – lots of rain!  I was about to duck for cover and wait it out when I turned a corner and spied… his trailer – I swear, my heart actually skipped a beat! I waited for the rain to stop in a nearby doorway and …  Rob walked by on his way to set!  I got to see him shoot a little of the movie with Emilie de Ravin (who by the way is as teeny tiny as a beautiful little gold-i-locks doll) where he spent most of the time with the infamous bike and leaning against a sign-post… oh to be that post!

He did the hands through the hair things a couple of times. Rob walked past again later and looked up and smiled at our little group.  But the heavens opened again and he dashed back into his trailer to a couple of squeals – girls watching were mainly respectful of the movie they were all trying to shoot. During shooting he was literally just leaning against the post with the bike, looking like he was meant to be “casually” waiting for Emilie’s character to come out of class. A little later on it seemed they were filming a shot where they walk through Washington Square Park a little, talking things over.

I couldn’t tell if it was rehearsal or just them just being themselves but they seemed chatty and friendly – very comfortable and at ease with each other, especially considering the atmosphere, with everyone within a four block radius watching them, etc.

When the cameras weren’t on him, Rob just seemed to be looking down at his feet, and concentrating and, of course, doing everyone’s favorite hands-through-the-hair move *swoon* I kept expecting him to light up but where’s a guy in NYC going to have a smoke?!

I did feel bad for Rob with all the attention – it must make it hard to concentrate – but when he looked up and smiled as he went past, it was definitely a genuine smile, not a “yeah, thanks – whatevs.”

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