Martha and Rufus Wainwright’s cousins, Lily and Sylvan Lanken, have made their musical debut in an off beat manner typical of the family’s quirky sensibility.

The children of folk legend Anna McGarrigle and Dane Lanken have launched multimedia project The Mittenstrings online, an eight episode sitcom comprised of naievely charming animation, overlaid with the gentle musical musings of the Lankens themselves.

The siblings pose themselves as characters Raelene, Lance and Chess as they embark on a 2D foray into the record industry, encountering a variety of colourful figures along the way; Anna McGarrigle cameos as a radio station crone.

The pair’s real life foray has so far been discreet; they have played only a handful of gigs, keeping their identites shrouded under their alter-egos.

Lily, however, is a regular member of Martha’s touring band and has often appeared alongside her brother on stage with their mother mother and aunt, Anna. and Kate McGarrigle. In addition, Lily has a degree in fine art and her abstract paintings graced the album artwork of Martha Wainwright’s eponymous debut. It seems an artistic endeavour such as The Mittenstrings is almost a logical step; bridging the fields of both music and art seamlessly.

Witty, original and endearingly modest, The Mittenstrings is destined to become a cult hit. The Lanken siblings themselves will no doubt reach cult status too, like their revered Wainwright cousins, as soon as they shed some secrecy and step into the limelight.

Click here to see The Mittenstrings.

Imogen Eveson