If, like us, you spent your commute this morning casting a critical eye over the morning’s news looking for the April Fools stories, desperately trying not to be taken in by spaghetti harvests, number 10’s new front door or flying penguins – fear not, t5m are here with a round-up of the day’s best ruses.

The Guardian reported that, after 188 years of ink, they are diving headfirst into the 21st century, by  being the first newspaper to report all of their news on Twitter. They even gave us an example of how they will reduce their biggest news stories to just 140 characters – using this example from their archives: “1940 W Churchill giving speech NOW – ‘we shall fight them on the beaches… we shall never surrender’ check YouTube later for the rest”.

The Daily Express claims that a British inventor has created a car to beat speed cameras -  the science behind this Bond-worthy invention is ’special plastic’ which makes it undetectable due to the reaction between the plastic’s molecules and the camera flash. They even quote their mysterious inventor, Alberto, who tells the paper that he still needs an invisible suit to wear. We imagine this story lifted the spirits of several British motorists this morning!

The Times featured a Tartan print sheep who has apparently been dyed to promote Tartan Week which begins on the 6th April. However, they don’t seem to have too much faith in the astuteness of  their readership, prompting us to check the ‘baa code’. Groan.

We knew we could rely on the Sun to take up the gauntlet for the best April Fools story, and their warning to football fans that tonight’s World Cup qualifier against the Ukraine will subject viewers to the world’s longest national anthem, a full six and half minutes of ‘Oi Ukrainy’. It reports that any supporters found jeering or sitting down will be ejected from the stadium.

And it wasn’t just Fleet Street having a laugh this morning – the world wide web have been churning out a few red herrings to trip us all up. Youtube are playing all of their videos upside down – and asking viewers to ‘comment’ on the new format – and Google have announced a new email ‘autopilot’ service, with some very funny examples. Be sure to check this one out.

However, our favourite hoax had to be Daily Candy’s report on a new service, ‘Parent Trap’, which allows you the chance to experience all the joys of parenthood without any of the responsibilities. The venture lends offspring to unmarried thirty-somethings for £89 an hour – perhaps a little steep – but not when you consider the child would come with a chic ‘Yummy Mummy’ bag with all those chic motherhood essentials. It was the caption ‘we think you’ll find the best things in life come in small doses’ that we thought was particular genius.

What was your favourite April fools hoax of the day? Let us know!