The Amish culture promotes simple living and a lifestyle free from modern technology, believing that this way of living brings them closer to God. But how must it feel to be an Amish teenager, living a life free from TV, fashion, Facebook and many other modern conveniences and interests that our British teens enjoy daily?

Despite the strict nature of the Amish lifestyle, teenagers do enjoy a rite of passage known as “Rumspringa” which literally translated means running around. Usually beginning at the age of 16 and lasting for however the teenager feels they need, it gives Amish teenagers the chance to explore life outside of their normal routine. The Amish teenager is then expected to choose  between remaining within the church or instead to leave the community.

Channel 4’s Amish: World’s Squarest Teenagers documents a group of five Amish teenagers as they leave their communities for the first time and travel to Britain for a taste of life outside of the Amish culture.

So how will these teenagers respond to the British teenage lifestyle? Will they relish in the new found freedom or yearn for the simple living of their Amish background? Most importantly, will it leave the teenagers questioning their return?

Tune in to Channel 4 this Sunday at 8pm.