The year that Naomi Campbell lived out every model’s nightmare as she toppled to the ground in a pair of nine-inch heels during a Vivienne Westwood catwalk show. She picked herself up smiling though and a decade later, those shoes became a highlight of La Grande Dame Westwood’s major retrospective at the V&A.

Britpop reached its climax in 1995 with the feverish battle between Oasis and Blur. Blur pipped Oasis’ Roll With It to the number one spot with Country House. Which side of the fence were you on? Or were you too young / old / cool to care? Me? I was still in my Boyzone phase.

This was the year that the iconic fashion designer Ossie Clark was killed at the hands of a former lover. Although the destitute life he had been leading was far removed from the one he enjoyed at the height of his career, many believed he was on the brink of a comeback. In recent years his name has been revived, with rising star Avsh Alom Gur at the design helm.

Glastonbury Festival and the ‘Year of the Mud.’ Old wellies, plastic trousers and unflattering yellow ponchos were the fashions du jour: a far cry from the Kate Moss stylings of latter day festivals. Still, Radiohead played their most memorable set in history on the pyramid stage and BBC2 broadcast live to the nation for the first time.

Ah, who could forget the image of David Beckham in a sarong? It made even the most alpha males reassess the merits of wearing a skirt and paved the way for the modern day metrosexual. Guyliner, anyone?