Tragedy struck Germany’s Love Festival this weekend with 19 people being crushed to death and many others injured.

The festival, which took place in the city of Duisburg, was celebrating its 21st birthday, but what should have been a celebratory party turned into chaos when overcrowding led to a massive stampede.

Around 4pm the festival closed its gates due to overcrowding, with a reported 1 million people already inside. With other roads blocked off, crowds of people on the outside were left trapped in a small space.

Around a dozen people tried to scale a metal staircase, only to fall back into the crowd, triggering a panic.

One eye witness said “I saw dead people in the tunnel, others alive but unconscious on the ground. Others were crying,”

Another festival goer said “”I was lucky, found a small gap, but two women next to me died.”

Organisers have been accused of failing to anticipate the size of the crowds and rejecting a police security plan for being too expensive.

German prosecutors are investigating whether negligent manslaughter was involved in deaths but have yet to identify any suspects.