Sir Ranulph Fiennes talks about his competitors in the field of exploration, saying that even when he retires “someone else will carry on.”

The great British explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, has been at the forefront of exploration for decades, “the next contender… was a guy called Erling Kagge.” Kagge is a Norwegian explorer, who completed the ‘three poles’ challenge in 1994. This feat is achieved by reaching the North Pole, South Pole and summit of Mount Everest. The completion was fierce, saying “sometimes we got the world record, sometimes he did.” After Kagge retired from exploration to become a book publisher, the Fiennes team took on a tough new contender.

“The new guy on the block was called Borge Ousland,” who had come from the Norwegian special forces. This mirrors Fiennes’ time as an officer in both the Royal Scots Greys and the Special Air Service (SAS), the most highly trained force in the British forces. The challenge posed by this new competitor he describes as “very difficult to beat.”

However, the adventurer soldiers on, saying “there’s a very big one coming up which he hasn’t managed to do and which we’re working on at the moment.” It appears that Britain’s most prolific adventurer has taken the SAS motto ‘Who Dares Wins’ to heart.