Love is one of the most important things in human existence; a basic need that everyone needs fulfilling in some way or another. Romantic love is something that most people yearn to experience, and which can bring great happiness, but can also come with many pitfalls, particularly for people with disabilities. Love is not something that can be legislated about: people with disabilities have ever greater protection and support in law, but no one can enforce love. Yet despite that, many disabled people have extremely happy romantic and sexual relationships, even if the relationships may not work in the typical ways expected of couples.

Some of the issues people with disabilities may experience include: difficulty meeting potential partners, explaining disability to an able-bodied partner, learning to cope with the needs and requirements of partner who is also disabled, finding satisfactory ways of expressing physical love, and further difficulties that may be involved as GLBT people with disabilities. These are problems that are not going to vanish over night, but with a greater understanding of disabilities – something which is being helped along by positive legislation in terms of work and education – there is hope that more and more disabled people may be able to find romantic love and happiness.