1. What are your aims in Eternal Haunted Summer?

My aim with Eternal Haunted Summer is four-fold. 1) To provide a venue for authors to publish original Pagan-themed poetry and short fiction. 2) To provide a venue in which authors can have their Pagan-themed works reviewed. 3) To expose as wide an audience as possible to the talent and diversity of Pagan authors. And 4) To connect with other Pagan publishing ventures by posting calls for submissions, contests, et cetera and so on.

 2. What do you do that other people don’t?

Eternal Haunted Summer is unique in that it is explicitly a Pagan site. There are several ezines and magazines out there that specialize in fantasy- or occult- or science fiction-themed works (Goblin Fruit and Mythic Delirium being two of my favorites). And Scarlet Imprint has released several limited run collectable editions, such as the brand new Datura: An Anthology of Esoteric Poesis. But there is no one else publishing poems and short fiction about the Gods and Goddesses and Heroes of old from a Pagan perspective.

Plus, I pay. :)

3. Why ‘Eternal Haunted Summer’? What’s the thinking behind the name?

The name was inspired by one of my own poems, which in turn was inspired by Milton. It is an evocation of a time/place/state of being saturated with myth and holiness and awe. Some days I feel like the world has been stripped of that sense of holiness. Other days I know that the world is an awe-full place. I want people to come away from EHS with that same realization: that the world is a beautiful, awesome place where Gods walk and rivers laugh and the mountains speak.

4. What’s your background; what persuaded you to start it up?

I launched EHS out of a sense of frustration. There are so many beautiful Pagan works out there that are either not attracting an audience, or not being published at all. It was a niche that had to be filled. I had the time, the resources, the drive and the experience so I decided to go for it. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

5. What are you looking for from would-be writers?

The submission guidelines are fairly broad. The work must be 1) original (never before published in hardcopy, on a website, or a blog); and 2) evoke, reference or feature a Pagan Deity or Deities. So, anything from a short story about Yinepu set at a modern day morgue to a medieval tale about The Morrigan to a prayer to Medeine to a chant in honor of Iupiter. Oh, and the piece must be respectful. No bashing someone else’s Gods.

Similarly, any reviews should be original, and of a Pagan text or something that will interest a Pagan audience. So, a review of a new translation of The Iliad, or a new history of the Vikings, or the latest issue of Circle Magazine.

6. Tell us some random things about EHS ’s editor!

I make a mean chocolate chip cookie, and I grow monster rose bushes. Seriously, they’re like seven feet tall :-)