Japandroids debut record is the sonic equivalent of being in a wind tunnel. Its dense and thrashing distortion throws punk melodies of in a million directions. Brian King’s phlegm thick guitar is rarely below 11 and David Prowse’s primeval pounding demands the attention of all truly serious air drummers out there. Its an album of ridiculous abandonment, beautiful distortion and hilariously childish lines.

But there’s more.

What makes Post Nothing’s thumping garage/punk sound and message (if you can call it that) so special and as far from the hideous and bloated Blink 182’s of the world as possible, is that The Japandroids reminiscence of youth is smashed home with no clunking sentimentality, no self obsession, not a hint of pompousness or filler. There’s not a second wasted on the record regardless of the fact that most of the songs contain little more than 5 repeated lines…

It’s the way these lines are delivered that counts and King and Prowse conviction is palpable. You can’t help but smile at their sincerity when screaming “We run the gauntlet/must get to France/so we can French kiss some French girls… ” Their two part yell/melodies and nothing more than Superchunk sounding guitars and never too complicated punk drum fills produce a combustible and infections sound that has often had me forgetting, though probably not my neighbors, that I the record on loop.

In short, this little known two piece from Vancouver, Canada has made the year’s best rock record. It’s 8 tracks and 35 minutes blast by in what seams like half the time. It’s an album full of yearning for lost youth which manages to do the impossible and bottle the feeling of what it was like to raid your parents liquor cabinet, drive off in to the night at a million miles an hour and fail at terribly at getting the girl.

Post Nothing is joyous, fast, loud and brilliant in every way.