There’s a new Robin Hood in town and at least this one drives on the left hand side of the road!

Sorry to get patriotic here but Robin Hood is  English. From his legendary home in the heart of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire to the very gallant concept of robbing from the rich just to the feed the poor.

Yet when it comes to casting the film versions of the story, Hollywood could not accept a lead English actor.  From Tasmanian Errol Flynn (The Adventures of Robin Hood), to Scottish Sean Connery (Robin and Marian), Irish Patrick Bergin (Robin Hood) and of course the very American Kevin Costner (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves).  Only London born Cary Elwes has flown the flag for the English and that was in parody – Mel Brooks’  Men in Tights.

The latest owner of the green tights will be Australian Russell Crowe. At least he will under the direction of the English Ridley Scott. Crowe and Scott will be collaborating for the fifth time.  Their last historical epic was Gladiator so we can expect an action hero enveloped in historical accuracy. Goodbye to the dynamite, telescopes and caesarean sections of Prince of Thieves. 

When Russell points his sword at the greedy of England, you can be sure they will be scared of him. He has been buffing up on his ranch in Australia and by the looks of the production photos will be well stacked in the biceps department and so actually be able to use a bow properly.

With Cate Blanchett playing Maid Marian, it seems we are in store for a slightly more mature tale. So no chance (thank heavens) of a Bryan Adams ballad!

Robin Hood is due for release in May 2010