I suppose at least last week’s backwards step of an episode at least meant that The Hour was going somewhere – even if it was in the wrong direction – this week’s was just static. Quite literally in places as there was an awful lot of watching people watching TV (if the Mad Men comparison can be invoked again that’s something that that show did much better, possibly because the characters are a lot warmer and more likeable, which is not something that you normally can say about Mad Men).

Being the penultimate episode, we were given an answer, or at least a half answer, as to who was at the heart of the conspiracy (pretty much everyone), and who Brightstone was (it being a Russian codeword for young, well-connected Brits who might make good spies, so once again pretty much everyone). It wasn’t the most satisfying of reveals, but with one episode left there’s still time to turn it around, and, to give the show some credit, it was an interesting development having the very Russian Kish on the side of the British, while the very British Professor Darrall was recruiting for the Russians.

Otherwise… Bel and Hector’s affair was uncovered, which was hardly surprising as they weren’t being particularly discrete (the first scene of the episode in fact being Freddie pretty much walking in on them, although Freddie being as self-absorbed as he is, he didn’t really notice) and Ben Whishaw looking alarmingly like my gran when Hector, to avoid the ever-present MI6 agents, disguised him with the aid of a woman’s scarf that had been conveniently left behind in the studio (it did get them past the agents outside though, so it’s fair to say that MI6 didn’t have their best men on the job). And that  was about it – it being a rather slow paced episode of an already glacially slow series. But something should happen next week, it’s the last episode - it has to.