As my first post, I thought this was quite a good representation – it’s a concert-slash-movie-slash-book and a very Twilighty event – there’s red-carpet and cast and I get to go… in short, I’m all about it!

When I arrived at London’s Battersea Evolution, and once beyond the gate – fabulous New Moon wrist band accessory in place – you walked straight up to the red carpet!

Lit by a glowing “moon” and lined with flaming torches and more fans, I took my time strolling (OK, so maybe it was more “bouncing”) down and even getting “papped” on the way!

Inside the venue, the excitement continued as the foyer was decorated with real trees and atmospheric fog (very “Forks”) opening into a huge main room, dressed head-to-toe in New Moon posters, eerie red-lights and even cloaked Volturi and bare-chested werewolves.  At the front was a huge stage with a giant moon back-drop… and we were three rows in!

Then, screens lit up either side of the room showing the red carpet out-side: Rob was the first to arrive looking gorgeously scruffy as usual.  He graciously gave almost all of the crowd autographs as he grinned his way along the fans.

Taylor arrived next, looking dashingly charming in his dark suit and made his way briefly down the carpet, looking a little too cute.  Soon behind, was Kristen – not arriving with Rob as many had hoped –  the girl is stunning!  She looked rocking in her daring outfit and killer heels, her skin is absolutely flawless and she is super tiny – imagine the most delicate person you know… and then halve that – t-i-n-y!

And then, as Alice says… it’s time!

Chris came out again first, taking his seat on the panel and then the presenter introduced Kristen, who sat next to him, Rob who sat on the other side of Chris and then Taylor on the other side of Kristen.  The screaming got so loud it actually became a whole new level of anti-sound – I swear, only dogs (especially werewolves) would have been able to hear it!

The Q&A started and every time the presenter posed a question, the audience would erupt into new screams for their favourite actor.  Rob, looking stylistically disheveled in a loose white shirt and black jacket, was obviously really glad to be back in his home town and in a very smiley mood.  He was comfortably joking away on stage about the reaction to his name and saying how the thing he misses most about home is the British Twilight fans… oh, Rob you charmer!

When Taylor was asked about his physical transformation for New Moon, he quipped that “it is not always necessary to clean a bit of blood by taking off your whole shirt!” – I’m not sure the audience agreed as they broke into chants of “TAKE IT OFF”… awkward!  Luckily, Taylor laughed it off – but Rob thought it was hysterical, breaking into one of his giggle-fits, as he does quite a bit.  Considering how young he is and how much pressure must be on those rather muscular shoulders, I was impressed at how he handled himself – answering very openly and almost bashfully – he’ll have Team Edward fans defecting in no time ;)

Kristen was bouncing eagerly in her chair, looking lovely and occasionally waving to people in the crowd – I was impressed at how expressive she was, really putting a lot of thought into her answers.  Unfortunately, when it came time for her first question, one (extremely tacky) fan thought it was a good time to throw her bra onto the stage at Rob – some pantomime “Boos” broke out, which I worry Kristen thought were directed at her – so I quickly organized a chorus of “We love you Kristen!” and she remained impressively poised.

She went on to reminisce that her favourite time on set was when she and Taylor were playing catch and she chucked it at him with full force, as he caught it “like a mutt” – whereas Rob’s favourite was “shooting the break up scene” laughing again, explaining “I just wanted to see the look on all your faces – DEVASTATION!”

I’ve got to say, throughout the whole event I was somewhat fascinated by Kristen – those of you who know me know this is nothing new… but – she’s so much more beautiful in person than I realized and entirely unguarded – she has an impressively composed, genuine and soulful character.  She’s obviously sibling-close to Taylor – and I can understand why, with his pure sincerity – they kept making funny comments to each other and pulling little faces. Rob’s obviously a very easy person to joke around with and it’s easy to see why he’s got such great chemistry with Kristen on screen – there’s a definite spark there and it’s set to “dazzle”!

Read the story in full HERE and see videos HERE – beware of screaming!