Kristen Stewart shimmered in Pucci and Dakota Fanning sparkled in Elie Saab for the New York premiere of The Runaways at the city’s landmark Sunshine Theater.

Original Queens of Noise, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie also rocked the red carpet for music video turned silver screen director, Floria Sigismondi’s highly anticipated new movie. Based on lead-singer, Cherie’s biography, Neon Angel the biopic shows the beginning and the end of the first ever all-girl rock band.

Although Michael Shannon – who plays the infamous industry legend, Kim Fowley – only made a quick appearance before running off for his current role on Broadway, Kristen, Dakota, Cherie and Floria took time to talk to the press – whilst Joan demonstrated her strong yet quiet persona to perfection…

Kristen looked every bit the perfect young Joan with her “jett” black hair and shy stance – answering questions along the press line, she was obviously a little taken back by such attention of a non-Twilight movie.

Wanting to take on the role of one of the most iconic female performers “as soon as someone said ‘There’s a Joan Jett movie’” Kristen explained how she admires how Joan is just herself:

“She is who is she is… there’s not some deep way to put it. If you said ‘You’re such a bad-ass. You’re so yourself all the time’ she’d be like ‘Really?’”. Kristen, in case you didn’t know, your legion of fans love you for just that reason – apparently she took more from the role than she even realized.

Blond “Cherry Bomb” Cherie, was as sweet as pie and could not speak highly enough of Dakota’s performance, gushing “there just aren’t words – Dakota is one of the most talented actresses who’s ever lived… I’m so proud of her” as the gal herself was rushed by, smiling at Cherie as she heard her praise.

Before dashing in to introduce the movie, Kristen, Dakota, Joan, Cherie, Floria and Riley Keogh – who plays Cherie’s twin-sister Marie (and grand-daughter to Elvis Presley – who knew?!) – faced the firing squad of group photo-call.

Even the camera shy Joan took the flash attack in her stride, whispering quiet encouragement to Kristen who was trying not to crack-up at the hysteria of it all, later laughing to Dakota “Man, how weird is this?”

Once inside the quieter atmosphere of the screening, legendary producer Kenny Laguna brought out director, composer and cast to introduce the film before heading off to after party hosted by Tommy Hilfiger and Quintessentially at the suitably iconic Bowery Hotel.

As for the flick? They rocked it – hard!

Kristen’s embodiment of Joan is as convincing as it is bad-ass – from the Suzi Quatro shag to the leather and lyrics – whilst Dakota fills Cherie’s silver platform shoes as well as the iconic white corset.

As for whether the much speculated “kissing scene” between the two leading ladies is as hot as everyone hoped… well, you’ll have to go see for yourself!

Photos to follow as well as my exclusive interview with the original “Cherry Bomb”, Cherie Currie!