At Twenty8Twelve today there was quite a stir on the “FROW” as Sienna Miller’s fiancée the devilishly handsome Jude Law turned up causing the paps to go wild and every female in the room to drool, even Hilary Alexander turned on the charm for the gorgeous Jude. Indeed, this was a celeb hot spot, with a packed front row including Sienna’s BFF Matthew Williamson, Pixie Geldof and model Jacquetta Wheeler.

For their Spring/Summer collection the Miller girls did not disappoint, presenting a collection of watercolour florals, denim shorts, and retro inspired accessories such as cat-eye shaped sunglasses. The collection was typically Twenty8Twelve, i.e looked like it came straight out of Sienna’s wardrobe, maintaining their signature boho shapes and styling.

All in all, although this was nothing particularly new or ground breaking, it will undoubtedly prove a hit with young fashionistas looking for an effortless summer wardrobe for next years festivals. This was the Miller girls doing what they did best, and once again, they delivered.

By Emily Cater