Christopher Hooton

Knitwear is not usually something one would describe as ‘dramatic’, but this morning Mark Fast more than earned that appraisal. There was not a chunky knit in sight but instead very sparse, cobweb-like crochet, stretched over the models and barely covering them. This was embellished with Swarovski crystals that glistened in shades of blue.

In addition to the futuristic vibe the other big look was more avian, with some bold fringing that resembled tail-feathers and swished wildy as the models strut down the catwalk. Coupled with the spindly straps and knits it really stood out and although there was not a feather in sight it certainly created the impression of plumage.

The show began in black before moving swiftly onto canary yellow making the models look like very tall and very thin birds of paradise. It was a beautiful aesthetic though difficult to apply in the real world, that was however until a more toned down white dress came down the runway with subtle fringing at the hem, truly a street-ready piece to salivate over.

The whole thing had a strong sense of fun with bedazzled leggings and huge heels. The were one or two risqué pieces, a skirt with a see-through vinyl panel, so the collection would be certain to keep anyone cool in the spring/summer given the sparsity of fabric!

The show came to an end with undoubtedly the finest piece (pictured), a white/silver dress with long flowing, multi-layered fringing that danced ethereally down the catwalk.