Louise Gray was a breath of fresh air this morning and a change from the minimalism we have seen so far with a young and wild collection consisting of clever seperates that work as individual pieces and together as looks.

The pieces were very well thought through and the layering Louise Gray is known for was used to devestating effect with the colours really popping. The sillhouette was neat, nipped and centred at the waist and the brief glimpses of different textures was playful yet very wearable.

The whole collection was very well considered and very different fabrics were fused to make striking and endlessly interesting looks.

Punk sweaters were spray-painted, tops were embroided with catchphrases and long-line bras were worn externally in an array of pastel colours.

One particular highlight was a black tee with a heart cut out of it, exposing flesh and a touch of floral underwear. The whole thing had a very youthful almost circus-esque vibe and was easy to take inspiration from, I predict the look to be particularly big when music festival season arrives next summer.