The master of fun, Henry Holland, has once again returned to LFW with a flavor for everyone. His models sauntered to and fro in an array of cool pastels that undoubtedly left everyone craving a Fruitella or two! Those lucky enough to receive his invite that was cheekily printed on a Bingo card were certainly in for a delectable treat. As soon as the first outfit burst onto the runway, spotted with bingo balls and the catchy 60’s tune filled the air both models and audience alike were left bouncing with excitement.

Mr. Holland admitted that the muse for this quirky collection was his Grandma and his tongue in cheek combo of old school tweed and clashing prints, depicted this kooky time warp with pizzazz. Playfully pleated dresses were splashed with iconic faux pearl embellishments and were soon followed by squirts of mustard and beige that added a more savory taste to his collection.  Then came classical wide-legged trousers and in true Holland fashion a sweater depicting the hand-sign for sex, casually worn over a bitterly lemon chiffon dress.

However, the element of surprise was saved for last as knitted blankets covered in crazy and colourful crochet retained the light-hearted humor so familiar to the designer. This mischievous mélange of candy crochet, pick & mix patterned tights and tasteful tweed satisfies the palette of grandma’s and fashion guru’s everywhere. Whoever said the elderly aren’t cool has obviously never been to one of Henry Holland’s bingo nights with his Nan!

By Kirstie Eden