The music chosen to accompany catwalk shows has a tendancy to be abyssmal. Carefully sculpted, daring, forward-thinking fashion is juxtaposed with plinky-plonky middle-of-the-road indie that sounds like something a mum might stick on in the car rather than the musical embodiment of said fashion.

Marios Schwab was a breath of fresh air then as the sounds of Nirvana blared from speakers at his s/s 11 show. Grunge was the order of the day with biker leather, lace and lingerie. The make-up was moody and smudgy and there were tattoos and symbols and pentagons abound.

Lace peeked out from under leather dresses and the colour palette was delicious with a particularly interesting aesthetic of  turqoise married with brown. Grunge has been hinting at making a return for some time now but has never really hit with full force, this collection could really set the trend in motion though as it was very wearable and just generally f*cking great.

Th influences were varied and with both mullets and grunge the audience could not come to an agreement on whether what they were watching was 70s, 80s or 90s. The answer is probably a pastiche of all three, subtle slips were toughened with leather and the whole show had a very raw sense. Ugh!

Christopher Hooton