Parisian-born Illustrator and Designer, Charles Anastase continued the theme of his drawings into his fashion, focusing on clean-cut lines with an exceptional amount of detailing. The room was dimly lit as the models floated in as ghosts of the catwalk, the atmosphere heightened by the alluring tones of Serge Gainsbourg played subtly throughout the show, accentuating that exciting ‘edge-of-your-seat’ feeling.

The colours Anastase used flowed beautifully from creams and neutrals, to camels, to deep reds and black, all the while increasing the intensity, both of the clothes themselves and of the show as a whole. The shapes were clean and simple, A-line skirts and coats, shift dresses and loosely flared trousers but the textures were something of a marvel. Using everything from silk, to velvet and even metal; the detail was fantastic.

The models wore their hair loose and wild and the barely-there make up was pale, in keeping with the theme. They wore little jewellery, except for the occasional glittering tiara, but each sauntered magnificently in a pair of stacked platform boots, assuring their towering presence. Already admired by a host of celebrity fans, fashion favourite Alexa Chung amongst them, Anastase is sure to acquire many more with this wonderful collection.

Rosie Wilcox