It was my honourable intention this week to write a thoughtful, whimsical LA Diary about the high-points of the last year, my many Christmas high-jinks, and writing goals for the coming year.

Then earlier this week, on a water-stop along the Santa Monica beach bike path, I read my Twitter feed, and felt compelled to write something else entirely. An homage to my new writing community, if you will.

Let me explain. Last May, I closed my first Twitter account because I was following what I considered to be a cliquey bunch of show-offs. It’s all documented on this website here – my fit of pique.

But a few weeks later I had a re-branding frenzy: went live, and I recorded the first episode of my talk show, Podcast From America.

Suddenly, it seemed a good idea to get back on Twitter and spread the word. This time though, I made sure that I followed people who interested me, and with whom I shared similar goals.

Since then, I have loved it. I’ve even made new friends – yes, I’m talking about you @karlabry.

But there’s so much more. Often, I tune into #scriptchat which is organized to perfection every Sunday by the talented @jeannevb. To be able to hear @janeespenson‘s thoughts on writing was a dream come true.

I’m a journalist, so I write every day. I’m lucky to be commissioned by so many wonderful editors, but after deadlines have been met, I start on my own writing. Sometimes it seems that I never stop writing – and that can be hard. Really, bloody, stupidly hard.

Fortunately, the writing community on Twitter are supportive, and available in handy 140 character-long chunks. And while I realise that many people scorn the idea of tweeting, the truth is that their support has made all the difference.

Take this brief list of tweets that were posted on the first day of the New Year – all most helpful to the lonely writer. This is just a random cross-section. I haven’t even included the ones that read, ‘Need to get four more pages done by the time the kids get back from soccer!!!’

@UncompletedWork WTF!? 10 Lessons I Learned About the Entertainment Industry in 2010 #scriptchat

@MarkGantt Therese great list here! Love it! RT @theresecator 60 Ideas To Let Your Creativity Bloom

@FictionChick Predictions for Authors, Publishers and Books for 2011: @Bob_Mayer

@TheScriptLab Toy Story: How it All Began #screenwriting #filmmaking #moviereview #writenow

@Writersync Sales of bodice-ripping e-books soar as women use digital readers to hide their romantic novels×4GL #why #hide

And because I love @Stephenfry, and The Archers (a BBC radio soap):

@BBCTheArchers Old romantic, @stephenfry on social class in The Archers >

Because of tweets like this, I don’t feel quite as lonely.

Sometimes alone but not lonely.

I had no idea how many other people were out there, pouring their thoughts onto the page.

Thank goodness, I know you now.