Tim Minchin: I hadn’t heard of him, but then I’m not that up in the comedian world. I recognized him though. Caroline Chigwell a mother at the children’s school is his agent, and got me some tickets for the sell out gig at the Apollo on Sunday. He was playing in front of an audience of three and a half thousand, and the atmosphere pulsed. Caroline tells me that last year he was playing to 400. But heavens he is big now. Even before he appeared, the audience were screaming as if he was a rock God. Then the lights flashed so bright they made your heart quiver and he came on, all black eyeliner, ironed ginger hair, and oddly ill-fitting decorative shirt, skin tight leggings, and strangely bare feet. Hardly a hunk, but the women in the crowd went beserk. Apparently he is bewildered by the female attention, but you can tell he is funny and cute and quirky in real life.

I feIt a bit old. The couple behind me were talking hangovers and staying up till four and how the clocks going back had made them stay up even later. The man next to me reminded me of the lead singer of EIbow who I have a vague crush on. Maybe he was the lead singer of Elbow? He said his friend hadn’t turned up.

Anyway Tim Minchin covered a whole range of topics:  The environment, his wife (he’s been with since he was 17, he’s now 34) dancing bears, gay bashing and a bit of Jesus bashing, all done with style, wit and irony. At one point he managed to get the audience to sing, We Love Jesus and then We Hate Faggots. He plays the piano beautifully and sings like a pop star. Loved the rap about a new age woman called Storm and the revenge song about the Guardian journalist who gave him a bad review three years ago. Great Evening, highly recommended.