Oliver James on the Mad World We Live In

Psychologist and bestselling author Oliver James says women don’t want to hear it but Bridget Jones is a lot more miserable than her grandmother. The American feminist men-in-skirts model has been an unmitigated disaster.

Frank Furedi on the Crisis in Education

Sociology Professor Frank Furedi chooses books on the crisis in education and says schools have got to stop trying to solve social problems and start educating kids, stop hiding behind gimmicks and interactive white boards and start talking to young people in an intelligent way.

Anne Heller on Libertarianism

Anne Heller asks how John Stuart Mill would feel if he were made to wear a seat belt because the federal government tells him so.

James Kasting on Life Beyond Earth

Penn State Geosciences Professor Jim Kasting chooses books on the possibility of life beyond earth. He says he meets a lot of pessimists these days, but the evidence suggests that life is out there and he’s determined to find it.

Vlatko Vedral on The Theory of Everything

Professor of Quantum Information Theory at Oxford and Singapore Universities, Vlatko Vedral chooses five popular science books that explain how everything can be reduced to theoretically manipulable binary formulae. Or can it?

Fred Inglis on Celebrities

Cultural Studies Professor Fred Inglis says celebrities are a dramatisation of our best and worst feelings in an age where we are increasingly distanced from authenticity.

Yuval Levin on Models of Conservatism

Our series on American Conservatism continues with Yuval Levin who explains why Alexis de Tocqueville, Edmund Burke, and other founding fathers of conservatism might have been nervous about Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.