Last week I introduced you to a unicorn named TheShagDaddy. This week, I have another Twilight-reading guy for you to meet. His name is Shaun and he was introduced to the books by his lovely wife Loren. They graciously agreed to sit down and do a q & a.

Loren: Did you read the books or see the movie first?

Shaun: I read the books first.

Loren: What made you decide to read the series?

Shaun: Well I was deployed and down range and besides working out, eating and sleeping there is not a lot to do over there. You had told me that you saw this movie and really liked it and started reading the books. After you going on and on about it for two weeks I decided to acquire the saga and check it out for myself.

Loren: You make it sound like I forced you to read the series. When did you really get into it? I think I remember you saying it was “like crack cocaine” or something like that…

Shaun: No, no, no, you did not force me to read them…Let’s just say that you are not known for reading a lot of books, so I really wanted to see what had you to the point of obsession. Yeah I remember the “crack” days of Twilight. The first book,  I think I finished in two days, so I did not have to take a break. I think it was somewhere in New Moon where I was working a post where I could not bring the book with me…I just remember all that day watching the clock and waiting to get off work to get back to the story.

I daresay there are more than a few of us who know exactly what he means by Twilight being like crack…

Loren: Who is your favorite character in the series?

Shaun: Who is my fav character? Hmmm this is a tough one. I think I would relate more to Emmett than any other character and he reminds me a lot of myself. Edward would be a close second and tied with Alice. I guess.

Loren: What appeals to you about these characters?

Shaun: Well I like the fact that Emmett is always down for a fight and is the one that they appear to go to when s*** hits the fan. It is always good to have someone like that around. Edward…I like the fact that Edward does everything that he can for Bella. He loves her unconditionally and is somewhat smooth…lol. And Alice…..well Alice would just be fun as h*** to hang out with.

Loren: I think a lot of women agree that the relationship that Bella & Edward have is what draws them to this series. What are your opinions about their relationship?

Shaun: Classic Star-crossed Lovers meet but shouldn’t be together but are determined. Their relationship is funny to me…at times I’m cursing him out for being dumb and an idiot, then the next minute I am cussing her out for being a stupid and just annoying. They were quite a pain in the a** really.

Loren: So, do you think Bella was right to choose Edward (*achem*asiftherewasachoice*cough), or do you think she should have picked Jacob?

Shaun: Do I really have to answer this question?

Loren: Oh yeah.

Shaun: DISCLAIMER!! IF YOU ARE TEAM JACOB DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET MAD! Um yeah she should have chosen Edward. There isn’t and never was any other choice. And all of you Team Jacob people really should just go back and reread the story. If you are team Jacob then you obviously have a thing for immature and overly horned up pubescent males. Just go to your local high school and you’ll be able to find a ton of them. But Edward brought love…true love and he was not hasty in his decision making. He did not jump to conclusions and often times I will say that he was a lot more patient with her than I ever would have been. But they were meant to be from the get go so yes it was the right decision.

I am not saying whether I do or do not agree with him on this one. Just want to point out that the opinions of Shaun are not necessarily the opinions of Eyes of Amber…*

Loren: You said when you were reading that Bella & Edward’s relationship reminded you of our relationship. Why is that?

Shaun: Because you are clumsy.

Loren: Really? Seriously? Don’t be an a**.

Shaun: LMAO…Just playing. Well I do think that their relationship reminded me a lot of ours. I am sure that most couples would think of their own relationship as well. You always feel like you don’t deserve me and you do, and I would do anything for you. But you ever kiss another man and say you love him…I will not be as poised as Edward was, let’s just put it that way.

Loren: I hated her so much during that part, you know I’d never be capable of that. I thought Edward was WAY too understanding too. After reading it more, I think he was so understanding because he truly just wanted her to be happy, even if the choice wasn’t him, and just couldn’t bring himself to hurt her again in any way. I like that she knows he was kinder than she deserved at least….even though I’d have pushed her off the mountain if it were me.

Shaun: LMAO…Well for me both of them (Bella and Jacob) would have never made it out of the woods.

Loren: Speaking of Jacob, there seems to be mixed feelings about him. What are your thoughts about Jacob’s character throughout the series?

Shaun: Immature punk a** kid.

*Please see previous disclaimer

Loren: Nice. Very informative. Moving on…what made you a fan of the series?

Shaun: What really made me a fan of the series…In all honesty, it would probably be the love story like so many others. Which does surprise me because I did find the entire story, except for a few parts in Breaking Dawn, fairly predictable.

Loren: You say you found a lot of it to be predictable. So, what part surprised you the most?

You’ll have to turn in for part 2 to hear the answer to that one. Part 2 will reveal Shaun’s favorite book, his favorite quote and much more, including his advice for women who are trying to get their significant other to read the books. I hope you’re having as much fun hearing from these Twilight guys as I am! Let us know in the comments…

Loren and Shaun can both be found on twitter.