• We’re hitting the road!

    We’re hitting the road!

    29th September 2009 | 0 comments | 1 person likes this

    Coming twenty years after his first novel, And the Ass Saw the Angel, Nick Cave's latest offering, The Death of Bunny Munro, is sure to shock and appall. Buckle up, you're in for a bumpy ride.

    Bunny Munro is not a nice guy. A relentless misogynist, his infidelities cause his wife Libby to commit suicide in the first few chapters, and the rest of the novel is spent peddling his seedy...

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  • New nightmares

    New nightmares

    22nd July 2009 | 0 comments | 0 votes yet, click here to agree or disagree

    Every generation reimagines or adds to the stories and myths passed down to them; this is part of the process of culture and its communication, and it's something that Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, co-authors of The Strain, are acutely aware of. When dealing with a mythology as often returned to as vampirism, it is especially important, to my mind, to bring something new to the table.

    The Strain is...

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  • Transformers part two – Decepticons

    Transformers part two – Decepticons

    15th July 2009 | 0 comments | 0 votes yet, click here to agree or disagree

    Every action movie, especially a franchise one, needs its villains; they must be as varied and distinct as the heroes they strive to destroy. Transformers has the Decepticons, ranging from devious to bungling back in the 80s, to the fanged, spitting monstrosities of today. They are led by Megatron.

    *Note, this post contains discussion of the most recent Transformers movie, so if you don't want some spoilers you might not want...

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  • Transformers part one – Autobots

    Transformers part one – Autobots

    7th July 2009 | 4 comments | 0 votes yet, click here to agree or disagree

    I cannot believe that the 2007 rendition of Transformers has a higher IMDB rating than it's 80s counterpart! Granted, there's not much between them, but how can Michael Bay's explosion porn be compared to gut-wrenching sight of watching some of your childhood heroes reduced to scrap metal?

    It's partly to do with age, obviously; not many kids today will have seen the classic animated movie or series, despite both being far...

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  • The year of magical thinking

    The year of magical thinking

    6th July 2009 | 1 comments | 0 votes yet, click here to agree or disagree

    Recently acquired a set of Fourth Estate's 25th anniversary limited-edition hardbacks, one of which – The year of magical thinking – is pictured above. Theatre designer Bob Crowley is responsible for the cover, fitting since he worked on the book's stage adaptation.

    Superstition is, I think, something that most of us court at one time or another, I used to believe in what I liked to call the 'cosmic seesaw'. This meant...

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