Written by Tim Rice, Evita tells the story of Eva Peron the wife of Juan Peron, the President of Argentina. Together they created a revolution in support of the workers which divided the whole country. Some viewed them as dictators but others loved them, she told t5m.

Eva Peron was born into a poor family in a small province in Buenos Aires. Fatherless, she was always refered to as the ‘bastard’ and resented not only rich people but her low status. Wishing to pursue her dreams as an actress, she came to Buenos Aires where she met Juan Peron before he became president and they moved in together, quickly being dubbed a ‘whore’.

They finally married, and Eva becomes the wife of Juan and she wants to become Vice President. Unfortunately, her life is cut short when she dies of cancer at the age of 33. After their rule, Argentina falls into the hands of the military throwing the country into disarray and poverty.

Elena’s toughest role to date!