Whoever arranged for the Jimmy Choo H&M launch to be in mid-November knew exactly what they were doing. For it is around this time that women get irrationally worried that they have nothing to wear for all the parties they hope to be attending across the festive season. The lure of a pair of sexy Choos for high-street prices was obviously too much to resist, and you can bet that those queuing early on Saturday morning outside the Regent Street store were accessorising their party outfits as they waited in the rain.

However, not everybody is brave enough to face a fashion stampede for the latest hot high-street pieces, and so I have put together a gentle guide on how to survive the party season, fashionably well.

Firstly, have no fear: you have a little black dress in your wardrobe (yes, you do) which can be a staple for at least two events. The trick is not to buy something sparkly and sequined just because it looks festive – you will end up looking like a (very well dressed) Christmas tree decoration and it will be too memorable to wear again until next year. The shops know that no girl can resist some sparkle, hence why Christmas is always full of things that the sensible-minded woman would never normally wear: velvet, sashes on the waist and elongated sequin t-shirts (guilty as charged). If you do need to buy something new then make it black and fitted, with good lining to hide lumps and bumps, and with a neckline that suits you. Then have fun with costume jewellery – silver, diamante fountain necklaces look glamorous with plain black and there are plenty around on the high-street. Then perhaps add a belt and chunky ankle boots for more casual evening look (post-work drinks perhaps) and then simple gold or silver jewellery for anything formal, with Louboutins for the lucky ladies who can.

Speaking of heels, high is really the way forward. Whether chunky, platform or stiletto, just make sure you’re armed with gel pads for the balls of your feet and try not to drink the pain away – could be a disaster as the night wears on. I’m still hoping to see someone imitating Alexander McQueen’s ‘McQueenadillo’ shoes a la Daphne Guinness – the woman is living proof that there is nothing that can’t be taken off the catwalk and into real life.

For the fierce-heeled there is only one way between parties – the taxi. Befriend your local cab driver, save up the pennies and deal with the global warming issues just for a few weeks – there is nothing worse for your happy-go-party attitude than crippled feet and rain-soaked hair. You can always crack out the Uggs and use buses as part of your New Year’s resolution.