Bella Crane looks into art as an investment.

‘I was out recently and was talking about, as I am sure many people have, what Damien Hirst achieved and I take my hat off to him. However, you could ask yourself the question what would have he achieved had Lehman Brothers not crashed the day before? Maybe he would have made twice as much money’, wonders top interior designer Tara Bernerd.

Richard Ward-Jackson, founder and director of Art London, has his own take on the state of the market. ‘There are two things that are happening; one is that people are quite despondent and they want to be cheered up, and the second thing is that people are not sure where to put their money and I think they feel that art is as good a place as any.’

The general opinion seems to be pretty steady across the board and is reiterated by illustratror Athier Mousawi and collector Julian Hartnoll. ‘There is a trend at the moment to get out of money and get into objects and not necessarily houses anymore but to get into art.’

Hannah Berry