Nestled in the corner where Royal Hospital Road and Chelsea Bridge Road meet lies the Royal Hospital Chelsea. A Grade I listed building, it is the site for many of the capital’s great events and this week it played host for the 10th Art London. With an international portfolio and profile, t5m sent Bella Crane down to the Royal Hospital to cover the best bits and get some artistic tips.

The event attracted celebrity personalities, musicians and, of course, the artists and collectors themselves. According to Ralph Ward-Jackson, director of Art London, ‘We get 15,000 visitors a year, give or take. I’m guessing that in a typical year maybe ten per cent of those buy.’

And when it comes to buying it seems that the message is to buy what you love, ‘You have to use your eye and not your ears,’ says collector Julian Hartnoll. ‘I have not ever bought something because other people were impressed by it or because it was a sensation of it’s time. Just know yourself and be as true to yourself as possible,’ smiles Tara Bernerd, interior designer and one of the founders of Target Living.

Though art, and galleries in particular, may seem intimidating Art London does a lot to dispel this fear and do away with the stereotypical stuffy view of the industry. Though as Kim Cohen of Mydeco rightly points out, ‘The really important thing to remember is that they’re there to sell art so they may look intimidating and scary, but at the end of the day they want to makes the sales.’

Hannah Berry