Rock Ridge Music
Side projects of well-known bands sometimes end up as popular as the original band that brought about fame in the first place. Take Stone Sour, A Perfect Circle, Dashboard Confessional, Jack’s Mannequin, Gov’t Mule and The Postal Service for example. The newest addition to the side project world is 7dayBinge. The band is set to release its self-titled debut album digitally Dec. 8, with a hard copy release to follow Jan. 26, 2010. However, this is one band that seems doomed for disaster instead of success.
Made up of member’s of Kid Rock’s band, 3 Doors Down and Muzik Mafia, 7dayBinge definitely pulls most of its musical influence from Kid Rock (since Muzik Mafia is more country and 3 Doors Down is definitely rock). The album features eight songs of Southern rock with a harder edge to it, thanks to guitar riffs. Unfortunately, the guitars are the only asset worth mentioning. They’re phenomenal and carry the weight of the sound, but coupled with every other aspect of the music, as a whole 7dayBinge sounds like they’re trying too hard. Vocally, the title track reminds me a little of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” at first, but the rest of the CD doesn’t live up to expectations. It’s mediocre at best and lacks energy to pull in listeners.

To cut the band some slack, Southern rock is better live. 7dayBinge played a few shows in the South recently with some success, and I’m sure given the opportunity to play at an outdoor festival or another venue, 7dayBinge will shine with some crowd participation. It can’t be captured on CD, though, and that’s unfortunate given the talent in the group.