The female figure still causes spasms of delight from  some men. They become so stupid seeing a perfect figure, or one that they find attractive, and one that allows them total pleasure without commitment. After many years the Pirelli Calendar girls can still make a man gasp with pleasure, the smooth skin, the beautiful breasts. I become envious. I often wonder what it would be like to be every mans dream, a page three girl.

I have always been a fan of the nude, I am a photographer and appreciate the work of  Ellen Von Unwerth, Terry Richardson, Bettina Rheims and Bob Carlos Clarke, all totally different but equally expressive.

The Pirelli  Calender has become  of interest to collectors, hanging in garages, boardrooms  and Museums. Terry  Richardson shot for them, his love of women obvious too as he shoots in the moment,  he can’t bare the wait, having an obvious hatred for hair and make up.

I am now starting  a project featuring male nudes to pay them back. It’s called Sleep Tight. You never know I may do a calander too.